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About me…

I love animals and have been a dog owner for over 30 years. I have owned various large and small breed dogs, including Doberman mix, Labrador Retriever, Bichons, Maltese mixes, and Havanese mixes. Some of my animals came to me as puppies, and others were adults or even seniors. After adopting my first rescue pup in 2009, I became interested in volunteering with rescues. I feel a connection to every dog that I meet and take the time to allow them to show me what makes them tick. 

While working in rescue, I have brought many dogs to my home.  As you can imagine, I have also experienced a huge variety of health and behavioral challenges. These encounters have helped me to learn more about pet health and the tools to help our fluffs to live a long and happy life.

I want to start off with a little disclaimer… I am not a vet… I have no formal training or background in the sciences for humans or animals.  I bring you this blog from my own reading, research, feedback from experts, and in some cases… just my gut instincts. I also don’t want any of you to feel that you have to agree with all of the things that I share. There is no absolute right or wrong here. Just what fits each of us in our own lives. 

My goal for this blog is to present experiences and material that allows you to open your minds to new ways of thinking about wellness and being a committed advocate for your pet.  I will also share references from holistic and integrative vets, such as Dr. Judy Morgan, Dr. Karen Becker, Dr. Jean Dodds, and several others.  I hope that you will gain some knowledge and new ideas about wellness and pursue education for yourselves and your animals.


Anabelle Cabrera

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