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Fosters Urgently Needed!

BROC is always looking for Fosters to care for our little babes while we find them permanent homes. Did-you-know?? There is no central location where our dogs are kept. If we don’t have a foster to care for an incoming dog in their home, we must turn it away. It happens all the time. Please […]

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Shop OrganaBark Goodies And Help BROC

OrganaBark All-Natural Pet Products We are so pleased to tell you about OrganaBark and its unique products! OrganaBark is a family-owned business featuring all-natural pet products. They have a passion for the well-being of all furry friends, and that’s why they specialize in offering curated selections of organic dog treats, puppy starter kits, and dog […]

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Ensure Your Pets Have The Best Chance Of Being Reunited With You If They Are Lost

Hello BROC friends! As pet owners, we all want to protect our furry friends. One simple yet crucial way to do that is by ensuring that your pets wear identification tags. If your dog ever gets lost, having identification tags can significantly increase the chances of being reunited with them. In addition, pet tags with […]

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Natural Alternatives For Flea and Tick Prevention

Alternatives To Commercial Flea and Tick Products Although the weather is fairly cool these days, warmer weather is just around the corner. And along with the beautiful sunshine and longer days come those dreaded fleas and ticks. ☹  The commercials for flea and tick control are ramping up, and for years I believed their claims and used […]

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Custom Pet Tag Discount!!

BROC silicon pet tags by Besties We are excited to bring you BROC silicon pet tags by Besties, featuring our logo mascot, Prince! These tags are great for active dogs and canine couch potatoes alike. Each pet tag is made of durable silicone and is jingle-free! In addition, they come in various colors, and you […]

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Help BROC Without Spending Any Money By Searching With BING!

Some of you may know Amazon Smile is being sunsetted, and as a result, we will lose the funding it provided. As a non-profit, we depend solely on fundraising to support our mission. We’re excited to tell you how you can help BROC without spending any money by searching with BING!! Give with Bing is […]

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Meet Anabelle Cabrera – BROC Volunteer Blogger

About me… I love animals and have been a dog owner for over 30 years. I have owned various large and small breed dogs, including Doberman mix, Labrador Retriever, Bichons, Maltese mixes, and Havanese mixes. Some of my animals came to me as puppies, and others were adults or even seniors. After adopting my first rescue pup in 2009, […]

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