Become A Foster

Become A Foster

Our foster homes are the foundation of Bichon Rescue of Orange County. Without fosters, none of this is possible. We want you and your foster pup to have a successful experience.

Your answers to the Foster Application questions will not determine whether or not you would be a suitable foster parent. They will, however, help us to determine what kind of dog would be appropriate.

Please read the FAQ below and contact us with any additional questions. Thank you for taking the first step in saving a dog’s life!


Q: How can I become a BROC foster? 

A: Just complete a foster application. Someone will contact you for a home safety inspection and you will be all set.

Q: I have other pets in my home, is that ok?

A: Yes, other dogs in the house gives us an idea if your foster is good with other dogs.

Q: I’ll have teens and/or small children living/visiting my home. Is that ok?

A: That’s fine, as long as your children are gentle with your foster dog. We do our best to screen the foster dog for any behavioral issues prior to placing in a foster home, especially with young children.

Q: What is the average time a healthy BROC dog spends in foster care? 

A: That is very difficult to answer. It depends on the dog and if we have adopters that are a good match for your foster pup. We communicate each dog’s needs with potential fosters before they are placed so that you know what your potential obligation is beforehand.

Q: I have experience caring for special needs dogs. Do you need fosters for special needs dogs?

A: Yes, we always welcome fosters that are willing to take on special needs pups.

Q: Who is responsible for the cost of care for the foster dog? (food, vet bills, etc.)

A: BROC takes care of all the pup’s needs.

Q: What if I decide I want to adopt the dog I am fostering? 

A: If everyone feels that you are the best match for your foster pup, then you have the first choice in adoption.

Q: How flexible do I need to be with time for visits from potential adopters?

A: You work with the approved adopters and make the appointment for the meet & greet when it is convenient for all parties.

Q: Will I be responsible for training (and crate training) my foster dog? 

A: We ask our fosters to work with their foster pup while in their home to get them ready for adoption.

Q: What if my foster dog is not a good fit for my home? (The dog is unhappy or uncomfortable in my home)

A: If your foster is not working out in your home, the only thing you do is contact BROC and we will get him moved as fast as possible.

Q: What can I do in advance of becoming a foster to make the process easier for everyone?

A: Make sure everyone in your home is on-board with fostering a pup. Make sure your home is safe for your foster pup. All fences and gates are secured.

Q: Is there anything special that is unique to BROC that I need to know in order to become a foster? 

A: Bichon Rescue of Orange County specializes in placing senior dogs in forever homes. We offer a foster mentoring program for our fosters and you’ll receive support every step of the way.

Q: How do I become a BROC foster?

A: Complete a foster application. Someone will contact you for a brief interview and a home safety check and you will be all set.

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