Adoption Process

Adoption Process

Very important: Please read the following information before filling out an adoption application:

The primary mission of Bichon Rescue of Orange County (BROC) is to help Bichons and other small non-shedding breeds that can no longer be cared for by their owners. If you would like to adopt one of the bichons we have rescued, please complete our online application by clicking on the link below.

Our adoption process will include the following steps:

  • Complete the Adoption Application Form
  • An Interview will be conducted by one of our volunteers
  • A Home Safety Evaluation will be conducted by one of our volunteers to meet you and see the potential future home of our rescue
  • A meeting between you and the prospective pet will be coordinated by our volunteer
  • The adoption paperwork will be completed
Important Information: Before You Submit An Application

Due to the volume of applications we receive, we cannot process applications that are not completed with the required information. An incomplete application will be discarded without notification. If you have another dog in the home, you must provide proof of current rabies vaccinations. For puppies, you must also have proof of Bordetella. Additionally, we do not adopt pups to applicants who have an unfenced pool or water feature. Do not apply if you have an unfenced pool or water feature. If you plan to fence your pool or water feature, please do so BEFORE applying.

Each pet has a bio. Read through the bio BEFORE applying. Many of our pups have specific needs, and if you have not read their bio and are not aware of their needs, we will not process your application. For example, if the bio states that the pup must not be in a home with small children and your application states that you have a toddler living in the home, we will discard your application without notice. We believe that bichons do best when they are not left alone for more than a few hours, Our pups are only placed in homes where they will get the attention they need. Specific requirements such as these are non-negotiable. Please DO NOT apply for a pup in which you do not meet the requirements. If you do not hear back from us, it is because you did not meet the requirements of the pup stated in the pup’s bio, or you have an unfenced pool or water feature.


Puppies need a lot of care and companionship. They need another pup along with human companions, so we will only consider adopters for puppies who meet this requirement.

Adoption Donation

Our minimum adoption donation is subject to adjustment but starts at $400  for dogs over one year and $650  for puppies under one year.   There are instances where the minimum suggested adoption donation may be more, and there may be additional refundable fees for puppies under one year of age.

Bichon Rescue of Orange County is an all-volunteer community of animal lovers who work together to save and re-home senior and special needs dogs. Your adoption donation helps to pay for medical treatment, grooming, food, and all of the expenses associated with fostering the dogs. Your adoption donation is not to pay for the expenses related to any medical care or treatment provided to the dog you are adopting; previous donations from our generous donors have already covered those costs. Your donation allows us to help the next pup and continue our mission of saving as many lives as possible through our rescue and adoption efforts.

We are organized as a non-profit 501(c)3 public charity, and any contributions are tax-deductible. Our taxpayer ID is EIN 47-1918280.

Out-of-State Adoptions

We are located in Southern California in Orange County.  We no longer adopt out-of-state.

Adoptions out of our area in Southern California are also limited.

Persons living outside of Orange County are welcome to apply but must be prepared to provide their own transportation to visit the dog and pick up the dog. In place of the required home safety evaluation, we ask applicants to provide a letter of recommendation from their veterinarian and at least one letter of recommendation from another pet professional (i.e., groomer, animal trainer, or local humane organization) on letterhead.  In addition, please provide photos of your home and property that will show where the dog will be sleeping, fencing etc. If you have other pets, copies of vaccinations and proof of spay/neuter is required prior to adoption. If you have children and/or other dogs, it is highly recommended that you bring the whole family to the appointment.

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