Sidney and Bella’s Happy Adoption Story

sidneyandbellaWe actually had been looking for a dog for a good 6 months. Our beloved Scotty boy had left us for a better place the year prior, and the emptiness in the house was unbearable. Having grown up with dogs all our lives we knew we needed to rescue a dog to help rescue us. I knew we most likely needed to get two dogs because my wife and I both work longer hours, and we wanted to make sure any dogs we rescued would not be lonely. We browsed through online listing and looked though shelters for months and months, not finding anything. That is until we came across a picture of a beautiful little Bichon named Sidney.

She looked just like our Scotty. Then we noticed she was a bonded pair with her sister named Bella. The pictures made our hearts melt and we knew we had to meet them. After meeting the girls at Michele’s house, we new we had to have them. They were adorable, feisty, playful, smart, but most of all, full of endless love. We made the decision that night, and as they say, the rest is history 🙂 BROC was a great place for the girls to be if they didn’t have a home. They were well taken care of and loved, and you could see that they loved Michele and the other Bichon rescues that were there.

They are the highlight of the day when we get home, and they always let us know how much they missed us, whether we are gone for 5 hours or 15 minutes.

The best part is learning their personality and traits. They are so similar yet so very different.

We are lucky that we found these loving little girls at the perfect time. They have been a wonderful addition to our family.