My New BROC Family

My new BROC FamilyI contacted Bichon Rescue of Orange County at a family member’s suggestion as I was wanting a dog that could meet all my needs.  I’m a Disabled Senior and I live alone and could use some company. I found a dedicated group of people who were looking out for the dog by doing a safety check in the home and yard. Then the search was on as they don’t just give you any dog. They wanted to see that the dog would meet my needs and that I would be able to meet all of the dog’s needs, as well. The day came that they called and asked if I’d like to come meet Maggie. She’s six yrs. old, healthy, calm and very well mannered. Maggie is house broken and never leaves my sight except to go play in the yard. The rescue calls periodically to see if we’re doing okay. I feel like we’re part of a loving family. Maggie is the answer to my prayers and neither of us is lonely anymore.

Kathie Hunter