Maya’s Story

mayaOn Christmas Eve, 2015 I lost my Wheaten Terrier to cancer.  Following a period of mourning, I realized that my remaining pooch Lucy needed a companion.  Lucy is a 70-pound mixed breed; a very calm, low energy dog.  I had previously seen articles in the newspaper about Bichon Rescue of Orange County, and their “Seniors for Seniors” adoption program.  I loved that concept, and had kept their organization in the back of my mind.  Now the time had come.

I went on their website, and was immediately drawn to Maya.  She looked adorable, and her description matched exactly what I was looking for — a calm dog to match Lucy’s temperament.  She was also wearing a purple collar, my favorite color. When Lucy and I visited Maya at her foster home, as I was talking with her foster mom Maya came over to me wagging her tail and asking to be picked up.  So, she chose me.  It was love at first sight.

After bringing her home I learned the details of her very sad past. She had been surrendered to a county shelter the previous April.  When she arrived there she was terribly matted, underweight, had fleas, worms, and a mouth full of rotten teeth.  She had probably been used as a breeder and then tossed aside when she had outlived her usefulness.  Luckily BROC was there to rescue her and put her on the path to health.  She was in their foster care until January, 2016 when she found her forever home with me.

After two days, Lucy accepted Maya as her housemate, and they were napping in the same bed. Maya is now a part of our family.  She and Lucy (also a rescue, of course) are wonderful companions to each other and to me.   Maya has a sweet and gentle personality that everyone loves.  I can’t imagine my home without her.  It breaks my heart to know that she lived in neglect for ten years and then languished in a shelter for over a month while suffering from all of those numerous health problems.  What a blessing that BROC was there to rescue her from that situation.  BROC saw the beauty in Maya despite the condition she was in.  Seeing Maya now, happy and loving life in her new forever home proves once again that age is just a number. Thank you BROC!

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