Foster Application

Your answers to these questions will not determine whether or not you would be a suitable foster parent. They will, however, help us to determine what kind of dog would be appropriate. Our foster homes are the foundation of Bichon Rescue of Orange County, and we want you and your dog to have a successful experience. Please contact us with any questions. Thank you for taking the first step in saving a dog’s life!

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Living Situation

Animals Currently Living In Your Home

Fostering A Pup

Place of Employment

Person to Notify in Case of Emergency

Agreement and Volunteer Release of Liability

I fully understand and agree to assume all risks involved in all activities and duties performed in my capacity as a volunteer. I agree to hold Bichon Rescue of Orange County (BROC) harmless for any damage or injury I might sustain during the course of my volunteer duties.

This waiver includes myself, all of my family members, family pets, descendants, and property forever from seeking any legal action whatsoever against Bichon Rescue of Orange County or its representatives.

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