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After many years of nonstop begging for a dog, my parents finally gave in. We were getting a dog! We were so lucky to find Bichon Rescue of Orange County, because we found such a beautiful dog. The moment he

A Pinch of Sugar

​For many years, I lived next door to my neighbor who rescues Bichons. I would always go over and help walk her foster dogs and give them extra love. One morning, she asked if I wanted to go with her

Maya’s Story

​On Christmas Eve, 2015 I lost my Wheaten Terrier to cancer.  Following a period of mourning, I realized that my remaining pooch Lucy needed a companion.  Lucy is a 70-pound mixed breed; a very calm, low energy dog.  I had previously

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Milo the Marsh-Milo

​Who would have thought that a 12 yr old ‘4’ legged little furry fluff would bring so much joy to our household!  Our family was dealt a tough blow last year, medically involved.  On some random day, I saw, ‘Milo,’

My New BROC Family

I contacted Bichon Rescue of Orange County at a family member’s suggestion as I was wanting a dog that could meet all my needs.  I’m a Disabled Senior and I live alone and could use some company. I found a

That darned cat!

Karen has always had dogs in her life and it has been 14 years since she had one in her home. Why? Well, there was an older resident cat where she was living who would have nothing to do with

Snuggles for Christmas

I lost my wonderful Snowball – age 17 – in August. He was my best friend and a rescue dog when he was 10. I found out about Senior dogs for Seniors through Bichon Rescue OC –I was accepted as

We Just Love Ziggy

To our friends at BROC… thank you so much for giving us Ziggy!  He has been such a welcome addition to our family. I think our son Ty sums it up best when he says “We sure got lucky with

Sidney and Bella’s Happy Adoption Story

We actually had been looking for a dog for a good 6 months. Our beloved Scotty boy had left us for a better place the year prior, and the emptiness in the house was unbearable. Having grown up with dogs all

Adventures with Miss Tink

Susan and Jack were happily living their lives, working, playing, and enjoying family and friends. Occasionally they felt their house was too quiet and it might be nice to have a pet of some kind. A family member had recently