After many years of nonstop begging for a dog, my parents finally gave in. We were getting a dog! We were so lucky to find Bichon Rescue of Orange County, because we found such a beautiful dog. The moment he first saw me, I bent down and Bingo ran up to me and gave me kisses/licks on the cheek. At first I was nervous, because I had often dealt with my cousin’s dog, and she got moody and frequently nipped people. When I leaned away cautiously, to make sure he didn’t bite me, Michele, the owner of BROC explained to me that bichons are nothing like that.

Bichons are sweet, loving, and will fit into a family with kids perfectly. Once I felt comfortable enough with Bingo to pick him up, Michele helpfully explained how to take care of Bingo, and she gave us what we would need to feed him, play with him, and give him a place to sleep. She told us what kinds of dog foods are healthiest, how to keep his eyes from getting tear stains, and even how to brush his teeth. A month later, since we had such a great experience with Bingo, we decided to get a second dog!