Adventures with Miss Tink

TinkSusan and Jack were happily living their lives, working, playing, and enjoying family and friends. Occasionally they felt their house was too quiet and it might be nice to have a pet of some kind. A family member had recently adopted a senior dog from a local shelter and they saw how rewarding this experience was. After spending time with other friends and senior dogs Susan went to the computer and entered all of their important criteria…IF we were to get a dog, the dog would be small, older, no shed, calm, smart, and house trained. The main site that popped up was Bichon Rescue of OC and their Seniors for Seniors program!!

Right in the middle of a gallery of pictures was Tinkerbell, “smiling” back at us! We read her story and we were instantly hooked. She had been through so much since her previous owner had passed away several months earlier. We were so anxious to give her a stable, loving home but didn’t realize how much she would enrich our lives. She is incredibly sweet, loyal, loving, and adorable. She has quickly become a part of our family. We laugh daily at her antics and cuteness. We walk a lot more and go out to dinner a lot less but our lives are changed for the better!   Susan and John Grady, Placentia, CA