After many years of nonstop begging for a dog, my parents finally gave in. We were getting a dog! We were so lucky to find Bichon Rescue of Orange County, because we found such a beautiful dog. The moment he first saw me, I bent down and Bingo ran up to me and gave me kisses/licks on the cheek. At first I was nervous, because I had often dealt with my cousin’s dog, and she got moody and frequently nipped people. When I leaned away cautiously, to make sure he didn’t bite me, Michele, the owner of BROC explained to me that bichons are nothing like that.

Bichons are sweet, loving, and will fit into a family with kids perfectly. Once I felt comfortable enough with Bingo to pick him up, Michele helpfully explained how to take care of Bingo, and she gave us what we would need to feed him, play with him, and give him a place to sleep. She told us what kinds of dog foods are healthiest, how to keep his eyes from getting tear stains, and even how to brush his teeth. A month later, since we had such a great experience with Bingo, we decided to get a second dog!

A Pinch of Sugar

SugarFor many years, I lived next door to my neighbor who rescues Bichons. I would always go over and help walk her foster dogs and give them extra love. One morning, she asked if I wanted to go with her to the shelter to check on a little dog that wasn’t doing well. Her owners had dumped her at the shelter and she was so scared. I was so excited!

When we got to the shelter, she was sitting with her back against us. Even when I called her to try to get her to come, she wouldn’t even look at us! She was so sad and depressed. Luckily, we were on a mission to rescue her and the moment she was free from the jail cell, she perked up and wagged her tail. I held her in my arms the whole car ride to the groomer and she gave me lots of kisses. However, she was SO disgusting! She had mats on top of mats, poop caked into her hair and we even pulled a stick out! We couldn’t even see her eyes because her hair was such a mess.

When we went to pick her back up from the groomers, we couldn’t believe what we saw! She was tiny little girl underneath all that hair. I just knew looking at her eyes that we were meant to be. She trotted alongside me perfectly when we walked to the park and she followed me around everywhere. The only problem was my parents weren’t on board so I had to say goodbye to her when she left to go to her foster home.

For two weeks, I begged my parents. I thought about little Sugar every single day and even had dreams about her. Finally, my parents let me go visit her. When Sugar saw me, she ran right over to me and into my arms. How could they keep us apart? We were meant to be! 

SugarAndJojoMy parents were worried that Sugar was older at 10 years old. But I told them that even older dogs need love and it’s perfect because I am 10 years old too! 

Sugar is my best friend. She sleeps in my bed with her head on my pillow every single night. She takes me to school and also is always wagging her tail when I get picked up. She loves to follow me everywhere I go and I love having a real life stuffed animal.  Sugar has inspired me and my friends to spread awareness about rescue. We like to hold lemonade stands on the weekends to help collect money so we can rescue other little Sugars too! Love, JoJo & Sugar

Maya’s Story

mayaOn Christmas Eve, 2015 I lost my Wheaten Terrier to cancer.  Following a period of mourning, I realized that my remaining pooch Lucy needed a companion.  Lucy is a 70-pound mixed breed; a very calm, low energy dog.  I had previously seen articles in the newspaper about Bichon Rescue of Orange County, and their “Seniors for Seniors” adoption program.  I loved that concept, and had kept their organization in the back of my mind.  Now the time had come.

I went on their website, and was immediately drawn to Maya.  She looked adorable, and her description matched exactly what I was looking for — a calm dog to match Lucy’s temperament.  She was also wearing a purple collar, my favorite color. When Lucy and I visited Maya at her foster home, as I was talking with her foster mom Maya came over to me wagging her tail and asking to be picked up.  So, she chose me.  It was love at first sight.

After bringing her home I learned the details of her very sad past. She had been surrendered to a county shelter the previous April.  When she arrived there she was terribly matted, underweight, had fleas, worms, and a mouth full of rotten teeth.  She had probably been used as a breeder and then tossed aside when she had outlived her usefulness.  Luckily BROC was there to rescue her and put her on the path to health.  She was in their foster care until January, 2016 when she found her forever home with me.

After two days, Lucy accepted Maya as her housemate, and they were napping in the same bed. Maya is now a part of our family.  She and Lucy (also a rescue, of course) are wonderful companions to each other and to me.   Maya has a sweet and gentle personality that everyone loves.  I can’t imagine my home without her.  It breaks my heart to know that she lived in neglect for ten years and then languished in a shelter for over a month while suffering from all of those numerous health problems.  What a blessing that BROC was there to rescue her from that situation.  BROC saw the beauty in Maya despite the condition she was in.  Seeing Maya now, happy and loving life in her new forever home proves once again that age is just a number. Thank you BROC!

Milo the Marsh-Milo

MiloWho would have thought that a 12 yr old ‘4’ legged little furry fluff would bring so much joy to our household!  Our family was dealt a tough blow last year, medically involved.  On some random day, I saw, ‘Milo,’ and something told me you should meet.  Even with medical news, our house was not ‘dark.’  But our ‘Toasted little ‘Marsh’-Milo has brought us so much unexplored moxie, fun and ‘quirky’. It fits!!!!

We truly love him so… and he loves us too!!  Hard to recall family ‘lifestyle’ prior Milo… We are blessed!

My New BROC Family

My new BROC FamilyI contacted Bichon Rescue of Orange County at a family member’s suggestion as I was wanting a dog that could meet all my needs.  I’m a Disabled Senior and I live alone and could use some company. I found a dedicated group of people who were looking out for the dog by doing a safety check in the home and yard. Then the search was on as they don’t just give you any dog. They wanted to see that the dog would meet my needs and that I would be able to meet all of the dog’s needs, as well. The day came that they called and asked if I’d like to come meet Maggie. She’s six yrs. old, healthy, calm and very well mannered. Maggie is house broken and never leaves my sight except to go play in the yard. The rescue calls periodically to see if we’re doing okay. I feel like we’re part of a loving family. Maggie is the answer to my prayers and neither of us is lonely anymore.

Kathie Hunter

That darned cat!

That Darned CatKaren has always had dogs in her life and it has been 14 years since she had one in her home. Why? Well, there was an older resident cat where she was living who would have nothing to do with the canine species. So out of respect for the cat, she waited until he passed. Little did she know that he would live to be over 20 years old! Recently he departed and Karen was finally able to look again for a pup. She and Maxie had an instant connection. We wish them many happy years together. 

Snuggles for Christmas

snugglesI lost my wonderful Snowball – age 17 – in August. He was my best friend and a rescue dog when he was 10. I found out about Senior dogs for Seniors through Bichon Rescue OC –I was accepted as candidate for a rescue dog –after visiting 5 fosters I found Snuggles!!! He spoke to me in the first two minutes – he came home with me that day. He has been a perfect match even though he is blind-I am sure Snowball would approve. Thanks to Bichon Rescue Seniors for Seniors it will be a Merry Christmas!

We Just Love Ziggy

ZiggyTo our friends at BROC… thank you so much for giving us Ziggy!  He has been such a welcome addition to our family. I think our son Ty sums it up best when he says “We sure got lucky with Ziggy.  He is just the best dog.”  We enjoy our daily walks and he is a celebrity in our neighborhood.  He makes everyone laugh and smile when they see his overbite that makes it look like he’s smiling.  We want to thank you and your staff for bringing this little fluffy bundle of joy into our lives. 

Thank you for all you do!!!
– The Kurodas

Sidney and Bella’s Happy Adoption Story

sidneyandbellaWe actually had been looking for a dog for a good 6 months. Our beloved Scotty boy had left us for a better place the year prior, and the emptiness in the house was unbearable. Having grown up with dogs all our lives we knew we needed to rescue a dog to help rescue us. I knew we most likely needed to get two dogs because my wife and I both work longer hours, and we wanted to make sure any dogs we rescued would not be lonely. We browsed through online listing and looked though shelters for months and months, not finding anything. That is until we came across a picture of a beautiful little Bichon named Sidney. Read more ›

Adventures with Miss Tink

TinkSusan and Jack were happily living their lives, working, playing, and enjoying family and friends. Occasionally they felt their house was too quiet and it might be nice to have a pet of some kind. A family member had recently adopted a senior dog from a local shelter and they saw how rewarding this experience was. After spending time with other friends and senior dogs Susan went to the computer and entered all of their important criteria…IF we were to get a dog, the dog would be small, older, no shed, calm, smart, and house trained. The main site that popped up was Bichon Rescue of OC and their Seniors for Seniors program!!

Right in the middle of a gallery of pictures was Tinkerbell, “smiling” back at us! We read her story and we were instantly hooked. She had been through so much since her previous owner had passed away several months earlier. We were so anxious to give her a stable, loving home but didn’t realize how much she would enrich our lives. She is incredibly sweet, loyal, loving, and adorable. She has quickly become a part of our family. We laugh daily at her antics and cuteness. We walk a lot more and go out to dinner a lot less but our lives are changed for the better!   Susan and John Grady, Placentia, CA