A Pinch of Sugar

SugarFor many years, I lived next door to my neighbor who rescues Bichons. I would always go over and help walk her foster dogs and give them extra love. One morning, she asked if I wanted to go with her to the shelter to check on a little dog that wasn’t doing well. Her owners had dumped her at the shelter and she was so scared. I was so excited!

When we got to the shelter, she was sitting with her back against us. Even when I called her to try to get her to come, she wouldn’t even look at us! She was so sad and depressed. Luckily, we were on a mission to rescue her and the moment she was free from the jail cell, she perked up and wagged her tail. I held her in my arms the whole car ride to the groomer and she gave me lots of kisses. However, she was SO disgusting! She had mats on top of mats, poop caked into her hair and we even pulled a stick out! We couldn’t even see her eyes because her hair was such a mess.

When we went to pick her back up from the groomers, we couldn’t believe what we saw! She was tiny little girl underneath all that hair. I just knew looking at her eyes that we were meant to be. She trotted alongside me perfectly when we walked to the park and she followed me around everywhere. The only problem was my parents weren’t on board so I had to say goodbye to her when she left to go to her foster home.

For two weeks, I begged my parents. I thought about little Sugar every single day and even had dreams about her. Finally, my parents let me go visit her. When Sugar saw me, she ran right over to me and into my arms. How could they keep us apart? We were meant to be! 

SugarAndJojoMy parents were worried that Sugar was older at 10 years old. But I told them that even older dogs need love and it’s perfect because I am 10 years old too! 

Sugar is my best friend. She sleeps in my bed with her head on my pillow every single night. She takes me to school and also is always wagging her tail when I get picked up. She loves to follow me everywhere I go and I love having a real life stuffed animal.  Sugar has inspired me and my friends to spread awareness about rescue. We like to hold lemonade stands on the weekends to help collect money so we can rescue other little Sugars too! Love, JoJo & Sugar